A native of Western Canada, Roger first handled a camera when he was 6 years old when his grandfather, a photo journalist, let him use his old fold up camera. But it was not until he retired as an association executive 10 years ago that he took a serious interest in the craft. He sees photography, not just as a record of events in life, but an opportunity to bring the outdoors inside for all to enjoy. He also sees it as an opportunity to bring out his creative side, and enjoys the artistic side of processing images as much as he does in capturing the photo.
Roger initially shot landscape images, but in recent years has gravitated to a more eclectic style with macro photography, and experimenting with monochromatic processing of images.
Roger has received numerous awards for his photography, including the Best of Loudoun photo for two years running at the Waterford Fair, an award sponsored by the Loudoun Now newspaper. Many of his images have appeared in both popular and photographic journals and he has been the featured photographer in several issues of Grand Strand magazine, a popular South Carolina based publication. Many of his images can be found in private collections.
Roger is an active member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society. He also has served as President of the Nature Visions Photo Expo, the premier nature photography expo in the Mid-Atlantic region.
For many more of Roger's images, in addition to those on this website, go to his Flickr site at www.flickr.com/photos/rogeral
To order prints of his photos, go to the Contact page.
Roger lives in Waterford, VA, which is one of only three communities in the US listed on the National Historical Sites registry.
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